Lumberjack Trails
3 - 9 miles
1.5 - 5 hours

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Trail Color Distance
 Green Trail 2.9 miles
 Blue Trail 4.8 miles
 Red Trail 13.2 miles
 Orange Trail 1.5 miles

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Amenities: No facilities. 

Trail Type: Ungroomed. 

Fee: No fee.

Additional Information: Connects to the Escanaba Trails.  

Other Activities: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Ungroomed Skiing

The Concora Trailhead is located 1.25 east of downtown Boulder Junction on Old Highway K.  

The Highway K Trailhead is located 4 miles east of Highway M.

The Lumberjack Trails wind through a variety of forest types and pass by the Manitowish River and White Sand Lake. All trails can be accessed easily from the west trailhead.  The path is narrow until you cross Little Rice Creek, after which it widens.  Fishtrap Dam, on the Manitowish River, can be reached via the red and blue trails.  Only the red trail departs from the east trailhead, where it travels along the shore of White Sand Lake and through old pine forests before connecting four miles later with the blue and green loops. Traveling south from the east trailhead is a 1.5 mile connector trail that joins the Lumberjack Trails with the Escanaba Trails.