Gresham Creek
5 miles
2.5 hours

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Route Segment Distance
 Upper Gresham Lake to Highway 51 2 miles
 Highway 51 to Highway H 3 miles


Water Type: Wide creek, crosses three lakes.

Camping:  There is camping available at the put-in and there are two primitive campsites on the route.

Additional Information: This route may require portaging over multiple beaver dams. 

Directions to Put-in: Put-in is located at the Upper Gresham Lake Campground boat landing located 0.25 miles east of Highway H on North Creek Road.  There is parking available at the boat landing.

Directions to Take-out: Take-out is located 1.6 miles southwest of Highway 51 on Highway H.  There is minimal parking on the shoulder of Highway H.

This Northwoods lake and creek tour starts with a put-in at the Upper Gresham Lake boat landing.  It takes about a half hour to cross this lake, which has few houses and many unique bays to explore.  There is one campsite located on a peninsula on the right shoreline. Exit Upper Gresham Lake via Gresham Creek.  This wide, shallow creek is lined with tamaracks and provides easy access to Middle Gresham Lake by passing under Highway 51.  There is a canoe landing at Highway 51 that can serve as a put-in or take-out point for this paddle. 

One you reach Middle Gresham Lake, stay to the left shoreline to continue directly on with Gresham Creek.  If you wish to further explore this pristine lake, take a right. Gresham Creek from Middle Gresham to Lower Gresham is wider and features prevalent beaver activity.  Many dams can be seen on the stream’s edge, and one impressively massive dam requires you to portage over or around. Gresham Creek gradually widens into Lower Gresham Lake, yet another beautiful body of water with relatively few houses. Follow the right shoreline to leave the lake via Gresham Creek.  Just a half mile and one small beaver dam further, you reach take-out at Highway H, on the right of the culvert.