Using Maps With Apps

In order to navigate with the trail maps on your mobile device your device needs to have a built-in GPS and an app than can load KML files.  Google Earth, a free app available for both iOS and Android devices, is one option.  Search your app store for 'KML' for other options.

To view a map with your navigation app, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the 'Send Map to App'  icon located below the map on the trail page:


Step 2: Depending on your device and browser, you may get a list of apps that recognize KML file types. The map may be automatically sent to your navigation app or you may be prompted what to do.  In this example we are prompted and will click the 'Open in "Google Earth"' button:


Step 3: Once the map is loaded, to start tracking your position click or enable tracking.  In the iOS version of Google Earth, this is done by clicking the icon in the lower left corner which will then turn solid.  With Android, click the menu button and then select 'My Location':


NOTE: Most navigation apps need either a WiFi or cellular data connection to update map imagery.  A poor WiFi or cellular signal will greatly affect the speed and quality of the mapping.

WARNING: Using the GPS of your mobile device can rapidly discharge the battery.  It is best to use the navigation app sparingly to check your position.