Help installing and using maps on your GPS:

All trail web pages have downloadable maps that can be installed onto a GPS.  To install a map, you will need a GPS and the desktop software that came with the GPS. Follow these steps (these steps work with Garmin brand GPS's, refer to the manual that came with your GPS):

Step 1: Download the GPX file by clicking the download icon located below the map on the trail page:


Step 2: Open the downloaded file with the GPS desktop software either by selecting the "Open with" if prompted by the browser or by locating the file after it's been downloaded:

Step 3: Connect the GPS to the desktop computer and turn the GPS on:

Step 4: Select the downloaded trail from the list and click the "Upload" device transfer button:


Step 5: Select "Tracks" and "Waypoints" and click "Send":


Step 6: Once the map has been succesfully loaded onto the GPS, properly eject the GPS.

Step 7: To view the map on the GPS, locate the "Track Manager", select a trail from the map that was installed and click "View Map":


Step 8: To keep the trail always visible, click "Show On Map":