Fallison Lake Trails
0.6 - 2.5 miles
0.5 - 1.5 hours
Easy Intermediate

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Trail Color Distance
 Yellow Trail 0.62 miles
 Green Trail 1.35 miles
 Blue Trail 2.12 miles
 Red Trail 2.39 miles

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Amenities: No facilities. 

Trail Type: Ungroomed single-track with some rolling hills.  

Fee: No fee.  

Other Activities: Hiking

The Trailhead is located 2.3 miles east of Highway M on Highway N.

Travel through hemlock, red pine, white pine, and hardwoods forests. Look out upon a glacial lake and pristine bogs. The two mile loop around Fallison Lake is visitor friendly, with clearly marked intersections to guide your way.  Interpretive signs imparting information about flora, fauna, and geology are scattered throughout the trail, as well as benches that offer views of Fallison Lake. About halfway around the loop is a hemlock opening with picnic tables, perfect for a rest stop. If you wish to explore a bit more, the extension loop takes you around an open bog.