100 Mile Route (Vilas Century)
100 miles
7 hours

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Starting from North Lakeland Discovery Center

  1. Head east toward Co Rd W 
  2. Take the 1st left onto Co Rd W 
  3. Turn right onto Co Hwy B/Co Rd. Continue to follow Co Hwy B
  4. Continue onto County Road B 
  5. Turn right onto State Hwy 32 S/US-45 S/WI-32 S 
  6. Turn left onto Co Rd E/Wisconsin River Rd 
  7. Turn right onto Co Hwy K/E Co Rd K 
  8. Turn right onto E Co Rd K 
  9. Turn left onto US-45 S/WI-32 S/Conover St 
  10. Take the 1st right onto Co Hwy K/W Co Rd K. Continue to follow Co Hwy K
  11. Turn right onto Old K Rd 
  12. Continue onto Main St 
  13. Continue onto Co Hwy K/Co Rd K. Continue to follow Co Hwy K
  14. Turn left onto Co Rd W

Arriving at North Lakeland Discovery Center


Amenities: Facilities with water, changing rooms, restrooms, and bike repair items located at the Discovery Center

Road Description: County highways without shoulder, paved bike trail, and secondary low-traffic roads.  A short section of this route is on State Highway 45, which has a shoulder. All roads are in good condition. Rolling hills on Highway B, longer climbs on Highway E, and a long stretch of rolling hills on Highway K.

Resupply Locations: Restaurants and convenience stores in Presque Isle, Land 'O Lakes, and Conover.  Convenience store in Star Lake.

Trailhead Directions: This route begins and ends at the Discovery Center, which is located just north of downtown Manitowish Waters on Highway W.

Explore the northern half of Vilas County during this Century ride that begins and ends at the Discovery Center. Begin by traveling from Manitowish Waters to Presque Isle on Highways W and B, which have frequent traffic and no shoulder. Downtown Presque Isle offers places to resupply and eat, as well as a community center with picnic tables, a short trail system, and the Shanty Boy Lumberjack Cemetery.  Follow the scenic and lake-lined Highway B to Land O Lakes.  During this stretch, you will travel over rolling hills, past High Lake (the headwaters of the Manitowish River), and over the sub-continental divide.  A paved bike path loosely follows Highway B from Island Lake Road all the way to downtown Land O Lakes, which offers shops, restaurants, and places to resupply. 

Highways 45 and E take you from Land O Lakes to Phelps.  Highway 45 is quite busy, but does have a shoulder.  Highway E features long hill climbs.  You can resupply in Phelps before heading west on Highway K through Conover and Star Lake.  There is a convenience store about 100 yards south of the junction of Highways 45 and K in Conover and a store in Star Lake for resupplying.  

Highway K goes past the Lumberjack Trails just before Old K Road, which takes you into downtown Boulder Junction. Boulder Junction features many shops, restaurants, and places to resupply. Continue on Highway K west out of Boulder Junction.  At the intersection of Highways K and P, a paved bike trail begins.  This trail closely follows Highway K to Highway W and back to the Discovery Center.