Presque Isle River
4 miles
2 hours

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Route Segment Distance
 Presque Isle Lake to Riverside Drive 4 miles


Water Type: Lakeshore, deep river with light current.

Camping: There are no campsites on this route. 

Additional Information: There are no places to stop between put-in and take-out. 

Directions to Put-in: Put-in is located at the Wilderness Park boat landing located 1.3 miles south of Highway W on Bayview Road.  The park has plenty of space for parking.

Directions to Take-out: Take-out is located 1 mile east of Bayview Road off Highway W on Riverside Drive.  There is minimal space for parking on the shoulder.

This short wilderness paddle beings in the clear waters of Presque Isle Lake.  Put in at the boat landing, paddle south around the first peninsula, past the first bay opening, and around the second peninsula before heading north into the second bay.  The Presque Isle River begins and civilization ends as you pass under Bayview Road/Hawk Drive.  

The Presque Isle River is rather deep throughout and features a light current as it meanders North toward the town of Presque Isle.  The river is home to many aquatic plants and animals, including otter, muskrat, and beaver.  Evidence of beaver activity is first encountered about a half mile into the river, where a traversable dam is located.  Take-out is at the culvert on Riverside Drive. Travel immediately after this intersection is not recommended, as the river becomes shallow and crowded with trees and brush.  Past Presque Isle, the river meanders north to Lake Superior and offers additional paddling opportunities.