Van Vliet Hemlocks Trails
0.4 - 4.5 miles
0.5 - 2 hours
Easy Intermediate

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Trail Color Distance
 West - Esker Trail 0.5 miles
 West - Owl Loop 0.5 miles
 West - Lookout Loop 0.4 miles
 West Outer Perimeter 1.3 miles
 East - Lake View Loop 0.5 miles
 East - Yellow Birch Loop 0.6 miles
 East - Hemlock Lake Loop 1.3 miles
 East - Bog Loop 0.6 miles
 East - Sugarbush Trail 1.3 miles
 East Outer Perimeter 3.2 miles


No facilities. 

Trail Type: Single-track trails on hilly terrain. 

Fee: No fee.

Other Activities: Ungroomed Skiing, Snowshoeing

Visit the official Van Vliet Hemlocks webpage.

The West Trailhead is located 1.4 miles north of Crab Lake Road on West Van Vliet Road.  

The East Trailhead is located 1.25 miles north of Crab Lake Road on East Van Vliet Road.

The Van Vliet Hemlocks are a rare remnant of the northern hardwood–hemlock forest, once the most common forest type in Northern Wisconsin. The area retains many of the characteristics of old-growth forests, such as large live trees, snags, and fallen trees on land and water.  A variety of loops depart from two trailheads on either side of Van Vliet Lake. Trails departing from the East Trailhead travel deep into the landscape, which features vernal pools and glacial moraines in addition to old-growth forest. The West Trailhead offers shorter trails and easier access to the lakeshore. Trail intersections are clearly marked and colored blazes on trees assist with way-finding throughout. 

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