Presque Isle Nature Trails
0.2 - 1 miles
0.5 - 1 hours

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Trail Color Distance
 Nature Trail 0.4 miles
 Lowland Trail 0.4 miles
 Orchard Trail 0.2 miles
 Ridge Trail 0.2 miles


Amenities: Community center with restrooms and water.

Trail Type: Single-track.  The official Nature Trail is handicap accessible. 

Fee: No fee. 

Trailheads are located behind the Presque Isle Community Center.

The Presque Isle Nature Trail system offers a variety of interesting features for visitors of all ages and ability levels. The primary 0.6 mile Nature Trail is handicap accessible, traveling through lush ferns and under a canopy of maple trees.  A side trail, the Orchard Trail, passes through the Heritage Apple Orchard.  Another side path, the Lowland Trail, leads to the Shanty Boy Cemetery, a burial ground for Northwoods loggers of long ago.  The Lowland Trail and Ridge Trail are poorly maintained and may be difficult to follow.  Both trails do have markers fixed to trees but may be easily missed.  The Shanty Boy Cemetery can also be reached by walking between the park's two baseball diamonds.