MECCA Trails
0.4 - 8.7 miles
0.5 - 4 hours
Easy Intermediate

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Trail Color Distance
 Otter 0.9 miles
 Voss Lake 0.6 miles
 Birch 0.3 miles
 Bluebird 1.0 miles
 Rabbit Bypass 0.1 miles
 Osprey 1.24 miles
 Moose 2.22 miles
 Homestead 1.75 miles
 Fox Cut-off 0.1 miles
 Spruce Hill 0.3 miles
 Esker Cut-off 0.2 miles
 Wolf 0.7 miles
 Cabin and Warm-up 0.4 miles
 Snowshoe Loop (Thin Line) 0.7 miles


Amenities: Outdoor porta-potty at the Fierick Road trailhead. Warming shack and outhouse midway between trailheads.

Trail Type: Double-track trails and old logging roads, minimal elevation change. 

Fee: Daily trail-use suggested donation is $8 adult, $5 child, $1 dog, or $20 for however many people you have in your car. Annual memberships are available. 

Other Activities: Skiing, Snowshoeing

The Fierick Road Trailhead is located one mile south of Highway 51.  Take Beachway Drive to Mercer Lake Circle to Fierick Road. 

The Little Turtle Flowage Trailhead is located off of Highway Ff.  Take Popko Circle E to Joe's Shack Road.  

Experience a variety of Northwoods environments on the Mercer Cross County Association (MECCA) Trails. Departing from the Fierick Road trailhead and cabin, the trails are mostly forested, passing by and through bogs and wetlands, some of which may be impassible in the summer months. Trails near the Little Turtle Flowage trailhead provide beautiful flowage views and opportunities to observe waterfowl, including geese, ducks, and trumpeter swans.